Guest and Presentation Speaker in Bendigo

CMB Services provides a service to Clubs and Organisations looking for a Guest and Presentation Speaker in Bendigo. There are a range of topics below and these can be added to or modified to suit the audience type, age group etc

Computer Security and Viruses

Learn how to minimise the risk of copping one of these nasties: viruses, worms, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, scareware etc. 

How do I Manage my Pictures and Music?

We all have lots of pictures now on our computers. Many of these are treasured memories and we need to ensure we are using the right tools for safeguarding both these and our music

Which (Smart) phone should I buy?

There are so many different phones on the market and Maurie can explain the differences between Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry phones

Choosing an Internet Service Provider

How much download capacity do I need? Whats does ADSL1/2 mean? What is the status of NBN in Bendigo?

Whats this Cloud I hear about?

Many businesses and people are now taking advantage of storing their documents, music and pictures in amore secure and backed up location. Maurie can explain the pros and cons of using Cloud services

Should I buy PC or Mac?

Macs are very good at multimedia management and are in fact easier to use and learn than PC’s. As always there are many items to consider including cost, features and what the user wants to achieve

What to look for when buying a new computer, printer or router

This is a minefield but it can be navigated a lot easier with a few pieces of advice which may just save you from buying technology that is redundant before you walk out the door.

Which tablet should I get?

There are now so many on the market and growing. Maurie can offer advice on navigating your way through the myriad of devices on the market

Home Technology – Audio & Video streaming

This is a new merging market that is going to be huge in the next few years. You will learn about the different features of Stan, Presto, Foxtel, Quickflix and Netflix

Download and watching movies – legally!

Yes there are many ways of watching movies legally. Maurie will explain some simple equipment that will enable you to stream from your computer to your TV.

Which mobile phone plan do I need?

Often plans are tied to phones but sometimes not. How much data do I need? What sort of a call plan should I get. Should I buy outright or go on a Plan?

Contact Maurie on 0418573667 for further information or bookings. There is normally no cost for this service unless significant travel time involved.