Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

With Quickflix, Presto, Stan, Chromecast and Netflix you can stream and watch Movies and TV Shows online on your internet-connected devices in the Bendigo area.

Most of these services do not actually require a physical connection from your Phone, Tablet or Computer.

What Equipment Do I need?

You usually select the Movie, TV show or Documentary you want to watch from your Phone, Tablet or Computer – PC or MAC.  Some newer smart TV’s eg Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, PS4, and XBox, will allow you to view the program directly.

If you don’t have one of the above there are 4 options:

  1. Connect a cable from your portable device/computer to your TV
  2. Use an Apple TV device
  3. Use DLNA to transfer the show from your device
  4. Stream the program from your device using Chromecast

 Connecting a Cable

This is easy from a laptop that has a HDMI connection but not so easy from a PC in another room. Also having cables across the floor/furniture looks untidy and there is always the danger of tripping on them.

Using an Apple TV

This is a very small device that connects to your Wifi/Ethernet and then via HDMI to your TV. Apple TV gives you access to heaps of great HD content. You can watch movies, TV shows on line as well as live sports and news, your music, photos and more – right there on your high-definition TV. You can even play content from your iOS devices or Mac on your TV using AirPlay. Best of all, Apple TV is just A$109

Netflix and Stan all have icons on the Apple TV so this is the best way to get connected. if there is no icon on your Apple(TV) and you have any recent versions of the following, iPhone, Ipad, or any any Apple computer you can use Airplay from these devices to stream the program via your Apple TV from anywhere in the house.  The program can also be controlled via a Remote App form your device.

Using DLNA

This is technology used by PC’s and works in a similar way to Apple TV – however you do not require any extra hardware if your TV is DLNA compliant.


A small dongle made by Google that fits into a HDMI slot on your TV and allows you to stream a program from most smartphones or computers. Cost approx $50

Everything is changing very rapidly in this space so if you need to have some expert advice please call Maurie on  0418573667.