Business & IT Audit

How long since you have had a Business & IT Audit? A Business & IT Audit can also cover employee policies and procedures, physical security of your premises and surrounds.

 Some items to be covered in a Business & IT Audit –  Physical Security

  • Destruction – Fire, Storm, Water Damage
  • Theft and Competitor Threats
  • Employee, Visitors, Trades, Third Parties
  • Internet Security Cameras
  • Internal Controls across Sales, Stock, Payroll and Banking

IT Security

Have you got sufficient controls and proceeses in place to stop malware. Malware covers hostile or intrusive software, including computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, scareware etc.

A strong password should be at least 10 characters, though 12 is better. It should include a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and symbols. If you find letters-only easier to remember, such a password can still be secure if it’s significantly longer; think 20 characters or more. Consider using a Password Manager.

Some Basic Security Rules

CMB can perform an audit on your business that could cover and recommend many of the following:

  • Use strong passwords and change defaults on Router, WordPress etc.
  • Use a VPN – when travelling
  • Enable Firewalls
  • Data backup procedures and storage
  • Recommendations on browser use eg Chrome, Safari, Firefox
  • Knowing your obligations under the Australian Privacy Act
  • Having Support Agreements for Hardware and Software
  • How to dispose old computers & devices that store data,
  • Have a policy for BYOD
  • Establish guidelines and written agreed policies for employees
  • Employee exit procedures
  • Identify business risks and prepare a mitigation plan
  • Have a Business Continuity Plan
  • Email Policies to cover employees