iPad & iPhone Setup

Bought a new iPad or iPhone in Bendigo and need help with setup?

You’ve just bought your iPad.iPhone and taken it out of the box. Now what? The process for setup for the first time is reasonably simple. However there’s a bit more work required to get your Contacts, Music, Photos and Documents loaded.

If the device is the first you’ve ever owned, the first thing you’ll want to do is get it set up so you can start downloading apps and games, taking photos, and all the other amazing things you can do with it. Whether your new iPad/iPhone is your first experience with iOS or not, we can get you up and running in no time. Follow along and we’ll walk you through the setup process from start to finish!

CMB can assist with :

  • Connecting to a Wifi Network or Telecom provider
  • Signing in with or creating a free Apple ID
  • Setting up iCloud- needed if you want to sync contacts etc
  • Turning on recommended features, such as Find my iPad or Location Services
  • Music – from iTunes or from the iTunes store
  • Photos – from a camera, phone or computer
  • Videos – from itunes or those MP4 videos you own
  • Contacts – sync your contacts from your iPad to a phone or computer
  • Bookmarks – transfer bookmarks from a PC or Mac running Safari
  • Establishing an iTunes account for music and video purchases
  • Dropbox – to sync documents from your PC or Mac
  • eBooks – that you have purchased on the iTunes store
  • iMessages – syncing your messages across devices
  • Email – setup or transfer your emails from another device

We can show you how to configure all of the above tasks for iPad setup or can complete the task and leave you the time to show it off to family and friends.

If you currently own an iPhone, but this is your first iPad, you can restore some settings and content from your iPhone onto your new iPad. CMB can show you how to do this. Please contact us for further information.