Word Processing Help in Bendigo

Do you need Word Processing help in Bendigo and have a Microsoft (MS) Word document that needs formatting?  MS Word is used to produce letters, forms, templates, reports, brochures and is the main program used throughout the world.

Its fairly easy to produce a standard letter but things can get very tricky if you have been tasked to produce a report or document,  and then find things aren’t doing what they are supposed to. Page breaks are wrong, pictures keep moving around, and when you insert an object from PowerPoint or Excel it gets cropped or just doesn’t bring across all that it should have.

You don’t have time to get training and just want it fixed. Email to us and we will usually turn it around on the same day.

We cover all the items below in our MS Office Training but we can also just fix a document to get you back on track if thats what you need. We can help with all of the following plus many more functions:

  • A Table of Contents
  • Tables – so you can align text perfectly, Margins
  • Find a word and Replace it with another
  • Create Templates you can use over and over
  • Merge letters
  • Show and keep Track of Changes
  • Insert Headers & Footers
  • Cross References
  • Borders & Shading
  • Autocorrect

Maurie has been using MS Word for over 20 years and is experienced across MS Word 2013, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 365 on line versions for both PC and Mac.

Susana, a qualified trainer also has over 20 years’ experience with Microsoft Word in an office environment and enjoys showing other people how to make the most of their software in order to save time, avoid repetitious typing and creating professional looking documents.

For further information please contact Maurie on 0418 573 667 or email on maurie@cmbservices.net.au