Resources/FAQ/IT Help

Do I buy a PC or a MAC?

This is a very common question and there are many things to consider before your decision. There are pros and cons to each device and the first question to ask is:

Do I really need a computer? What are the main functions you will be doing? If the answer is mainly web browsing and email, then an iPad will cover your needs. If you need to do lots of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, advanced photo editing, bookkeeping etc then you will need a desktop or laptop.

Desktop or Laptop?

Unless you need are doing heavy graphics work and gaming, and have lots of peripheral devices, buy a laptop. If you need a bigger screen buy an external monitor. Modern laptops are very powerful and have the added advantage of being portable.

 Apple iPhone,  Android, Windows or Blackberry Phone?

CMB can assist with you with the pros and cons of each of these phone operating systems. We do not sell any devices and are thus able to give you independent advice.

What size iPhone or iPad do I need?

iPhones and iPads come in a variety of sizes from 16gb, 32gb, 64gb or 128gb. The size you buy will depend on how many movies, pictures, apps and music you want to carry around. CMB can discuss these options and help you to reach a decision.

 How can I get Management Reports for my Business?

Firstly you need to be using a Bookkeeping package such as MYOB or QuickBooks. Once these are established CMB has some tools that can be applied to the data to produce What If scenarios.

What is the risk of keeping my books in the Cloud?

Most mainstream Accounting packages now have a cloud version. This means that your data file is not stored locally. All companies have very rigid security now and the risk is very low of a security breach. In fact you data is probably less secure on a portable or tower device that can be lost or stolen. Cloud software companies provide very reliable backups and this option is well worth considering as you don’t have to buy a package and then pay annual support fees to keep it up to date. CMB can provide bookkeeping on local or cloud.

Why do I need a Backup?

Its amazing the things that can go wrong with your data. Even more so with the huge swing from desktops to laptops. Whilst laptops offer a lot of advantages some disadvantages are:

  • Disk or SSD failure
  • Theft from home or car
  • Spilt drinks – usually totally ruin
  • Being dropped
  • Left in a Bar or other location.

Unless you have a backup of your data you will be in big trouble. Many pictures are irreplaceable, as with music and documents. CMB can offer sound advise and out a strategy in place to minimise data loss

What is Cloud computing?

In its simplest format cloud computing typically means your data and or applications/programs are stored on an internet server somewhere in the world. Usually your data is backed up with several layers of redundancy in case multiple problems happen. Programs are kept up to date as new releases arrive. In theory you just need to work away and produce results and not have to worry about all the things that usually go wrong with your data, backups and program updates.