Benefits of a Business Coach

The reality is, running a business is hard work. Depending on which studies you read, startup failure rates are estimated at 50 – 70% in the first two years alone. And many of the businesses that do survive aren’t profitable. A business coach can help startups navigate tricky regulation requirements, offer advice on when and how to bring on investors or partners, and help founders make the right decisions about new new employees.

And whilst it would be great to tell you that all of our sessions are high-level, strategic planning meetings, we sometimes encounter softer matters, too, like what is the best way to handle employees who don’t respect each others’ job roles? Clients who have unrealistic expectations? Vendors whose terms suddenly change?

At CMB Services, Maurie has over 25 years experience in Business across Banking, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Manufacturing and can provide business advice to get you back on track or help to increase your current margins in Bendigo and surrounds.

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