Business Coach in Bendigo

A Business Coach in Bendigo can review your financials and business processes and provide an overall health check across your operations.

Do you find yourself working long hours but your profitability is not improving or is going backwards?

We don’t sell you a package or ask you to download and pay for templates. We agree and priortise the items that need fixing first that will provide the most benefit.

Maurie Taylor (Manager of CMB Services) has 20 years experience in Business & IT and also is a qualified Accountant.  The services provided can include items such as::

  • Review of Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Review and documentation of your Business Processes & Rules
  • Operational Risk Assessment
  • Review of IT systems, Applications and backups
  • Compliance with Regulatory – Insurances, ATO, ASIC, Super, W’Cover

So what do all these items mean?

Review of Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

We analyse all the line items on you Profit & Loss and look for ways to reduce theses costs by suggesting alternative suppliers or processes.  Often Balance Sheets have irrelevant or assets and liabilities and are over or understated.

Review and documentation of your Business Processes & Rules

Business processes can range from ways you manage and approve payroll, how you approve accounts, who has access to Bank Accounts, how you order goods etc. Having a 3rd party review these often brings up new ideas and enables streamlining of the process and an associated cost reduction. There are tools such as Business Optix  that CMB can use to map, record and centrally store and distribute your business processes.

Operational Risk Assessment

Often there is a single point of failure in smaller businesses and we can identify these areas and prepare a plan to mitigate these risks. This can be a resource who has everything in their head to work or maintain vital operational or office equipment that is not supported, or parts are not readily available.

Review of IT systems, applications and backups

We provide a full health check of your IT systems and PC’s or Macs. This ranges from backup strategies of data and also includes ensuring application key codes are stored safely. (If you have a crash and have to reload MS Office – where is the code? – else you have to repurchase).

  • Are your virus checkers up to date?
  • Do you have your important documents backed up in several places?
  • Are your hard disks nearing capacity?
  • Do you have the best Internet deal?
  • How much does it cost to run your inkjet or laser printers?
  • Are you running unsupported software?
  • Is your software support up to date?

Compliance with Regulatory requirements

Have you had fines from the ATO, Work cover or ASIC? What Insurances do you have and what do you need? Are you a member of an Industry body or Association and what CPE requirements do they have?

We can help identify your key dates and obligations and ensure you have a process in place to meet these commitments.

Note: CMB Services does not give or hold itself out as giving legal advice.  Should you require professional legal advice, please consult your legal representative.