Web Page Design Bendigo

CMB Services can provide the following Web Page Design in Bendigo and surrounds:

Web Page Design Bendigo

Choosing a website that is right for your business requires careful consideration. CMB can also assist you in creating a logo that truly reflects your passion and business direction.

You first need to choose the right Web Page Design Design company in, which can be a daunting task in itself! When selecting from the many Web Design companies in Australia, it’s important to choose a Web Design agency that has a portfolio of website designs and styles that you like.

Web page site Design is just one half of the process.  However – the other half is website development, which will differ greatly depending on what functions you need your website to achieve. “Brochure” websites for example, are generally small, static websites, which do not need to be updated regularly with new information. Content Management System (CMS) websites however, are designed to accommodate larger website or websites that require more frequent updating of content.

Web Hosting

In order to find a website on the internet it must have two things a domain name and hosting. A domain name can be thought of like a telephone number. It is a unique name designed to identify your website amongst all the others on the internet.

Hosting refers to the storage of a website on a computer connected to the internet allowing others to see the site when they type in your domain name. Hosting is where your website lives.

CMB Services can arrange for Domain Name Registration (approx $40 for 2 years) and can provide advice on who to choose and costs for hosting. Many hosting companies only charge $24 per year for a basic service. This can be added to as your business grows.

Web Page Training

We offer you the ability to update your website as things change in your business. No need to contact us every time you have a new product or service. To achieve this, we provide website training – usually 2 hours is enough to get you started. The tools we use are non geek and easy to learn.

Align your Email to your Business Name

We can setup a email that uses your business name rather than bigpond, gmail, hotmail etc. This gives you and your business a more professional look and also allows for better search results when using social media or Google searches.

In conjunction with your email account above we can also setup your business with MS Office 365 or Google Apps for Business. Both of these will give you online storage, large email allowances, access to the Microsoft Office suite of products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or to the equivalent with Google Apps for Business.

For further information please contact Maurie on 0418573667