Home Technology in Bendigo

Home Technology is undergoing changes the likes we ever dreamt that will happen are here now.

Home Technology in Bendigo

  • Advice on cabling your house to cater for the future – which is now!
  • Ethernet cabling terminations
  • Home video streaming to multiple rooms – audio and video
  • Should I choose Foxtel, Stan, Presto, Netflix, Quickflix, Chromecast etc?
  • Listening to music in several rooms

From recent personal experience, many of the building companies are playing catchup with Home Technology are are usually unable to give you much advice on this. Do I rely on Wifi or run ethernet cable to each room? Should I just put one cable or what are the advantages in say running 4 ethernet cables to my main TV/Theatre setup. Do I run Cat5 or Cat6e? Eliminate that dropout by running cables and not relying on wifi which can have blackspots in your home.

We can offer advice in the early stages of Home Technology planning as its usually too late once the plaster is on without incurring significant costs.

Typical Computer Services

  • Unable to Print – setup wifi printers
  • Printing from tablet or phone using AirPrint
  • Mobile devices not syncing
  • Cleanup of dodgy Popup Messages and Programs
  • Hard disk cleanup
  • Setup Dropbox, iCloud, Google Docs or OneDrive
  • Data transfer from you old PC/MAC to your new one

We can cover troubleshooting the above issues or setting these up correctly so they work as they were intended. We also specialise in syncing Apple and Android devices across you tablet and phone and home computers.

For further information please contact Maurie on 0418573667.