Convert from/to MYOB to/from XERO

Are you considering moving to a new Bookkeeping System?  And need to convert to/from MYOB to XERO or from Quicken to MYOB/XERO or to transfer from/to any other accounting system. There are many things to consider and at this stage there is no magic transfer program that will:

  • Transfer your existing Contacts
  • Setup all your Balance Sheet items
  • Make provision to merge the old Profit/Loss into the new system
  • Setup Inventory
  • Payroll – transfer all leave accruals and YTD balances etc
  • Establish the Employees with all the same rates and allowances etc
  • Ensure your Chart of Accounts matches your old system

You also need to consider the timing of a transfer and Maurie can advise you on this and other considerations on 0418573667

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